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“Distorted” is a very unique project. Conceived by Michael Macagnone, it is a cover show based on PiPE DREAM musicals. While PiPE DREAM Shows typically have a musical theater/movie score sound, Distorted is much closer to a rock/metal sound - sometimes with a few other genres thrown in.

From time to time the “Distorted” version has helped shaped some of the songs in the Stage version of the musicals that inspired them; changing the feel of songs, rhythms, formats and more.

"Distorted" is played live at an annual summer gala with catered food by Chris and Martha Patierno-Muller. The most recent was a prom themed event called "Steamprom" that even had a King and Queen.

To Date there has been “Macbeth Distorted, “3GD (3 Ghosts distorted)” and most recently "Distorted Vol. III". The fourth Distorted (or Dist4ted) will take the event and music in a direction it's never been before.
Music Arranged by Michael Macagnone & Collin Simon
Music by Collin Simon Lyrics by Liz Muller
Additional Arrangements by
Liz Muller & Marissa Brozier

Michael Macagnone
- guitar/bass/drums/vocals
Collin Simon - keyboards Marissa Brozier - guitar/vocals
Liz Muller - vocals Aaron Copernicous Souza - vocals
Tim Larsen - vocals T.J. Rowe - vocals Brian Mark - vocals