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    While not deviating too far off the path the Brothers Grimm created, Briar Rose is able to delve into questions and feelings that all of us have at one point in our lives; feelings from not belonging, sexual frustration, and even suicide. But none of these points are pounded into your mind, and none of them tackled with the weight one might expect from such serious subjects.

    Briar Rose is entertainment for everyone, without talking down to anyone. It’s filled with rich characters – evil, good, and just plain silly. Sometimes the stage is filled with movement that feels as though it might spill out into the audience; and sometimes it’s still with a calm simplicity for a poignant moment. And with music and lyrics ranging from exceeding happiness to relentless action; all formed together to make the experience of Briar Rose a musical like none you’ve ever experienced before.

    Briar Rose is currently under extensive rewrites and is planning to come back to the stage some time soon.

    Briar Rose premiered January 19th, 2010 at Roy Arias Theater, NYC.

    (more coming soon)